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Face Beat It

Oct 25, 2018

Drew Sutorius joins Ryan Smythe and Elizabeth Barcelos to recap NorCal by Northwest (congratulations to the brand new Bay Area Breakers) before closing out with an... interesting Lumberjack Invitational recap that may not have gone as originally planned.

Oct 4, 2018

This week on West Coast Bias, Ryan Smythe completely misses the delivery on an opening joke before Elizabeth Barcelos talks about the West Region’s newest team, the Bay Area Breakers. We cover the two recent Utah tournaments, Crimson Cup and Top of Utah before discussing the Western Collegiate Conference, the new look...

Oct 2, 2018

Face Beat It kicks off our Drunk Quidditch History series with the iconic quidditch fantasy tournament: Snow Cup. Sequoia Thomas talks Elizabeth Barcelos through the history of the tournament, from its origins outside in the snow with real and merc teams, to its current state as quidditch’s premiere winter event,...